Working towards a world in which Dyspraxic people can thrive and not just survive.
Providing support to families and individuals to help them recognise their potential.

Disclaimer: It is important to state that Chrysalis is not run by medically trained professionals and cannot diagnose. All the information on this site is developed from personal understanding of the condition, using the founder’s Psychology undergraduate degree as well as her experiential knowledge of Dyspraxia.
We sincerely hope you find the information here useful. Any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

















What Is


We are a non-profit organisation who aims to:

Raise awareness of Dyspraxia

Through giving talks to communities, places of education, medical professionals, and businesses throughout the UK, and developing interactive workshops.

To support people with Dyspraxia

Work on a 1:1 basis with clients to help them to understand their dyspraxia using a holistic approach that is individually designed arround their requirements.

Work with educational settings and workplaces

To help them identify those individuals who may be Dyspraxic and implement techniques to help improve their physical and cognitive coordination.



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